Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pictures For Fun :]

Hey everyone.. here r some pictures for fun! the last one on here i was bored on photobucket so there's a collage for Rashel :] then the other ones r just ones from Nick and his friend gettin back from the field today :]

Apparently they like each other! haha!

Hard workin man right here :]

Hubby and his friend Brown! Just got back from the field :]

Corbin, Peyton, and them with their momma!
Rashel click on it n u can see it bigger.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello ppl :]

Hello everyone.. that reads this! lol.. Well basically there's not much goin on here.. just thought i'd get on here n tell everyone.. we found out he's deployin..... AT THE END OF THIS SUMMER. Yeah im really not lokin forward to it, but thanks to the few friends that i have, and to my amazing family, i KNOW i'll get through it! I don't really have any new pictures of me n him but here are some i found. Some of him in basic training, and some of him in Afghanistan! Haha if he saw some of these, he'd kill me! So don't tell :]

He's the one in the front that u see.. this is him
gettin off the bus in basic training.. haha!

This is totally my favorite! Him in the middle..
comin outta the gas chamber thingie!

Left to right.. his sister, him, his momma! This
is when he finished basic training!

Here below r some pictures of him when he was
in afghanistan his first deployment!

Him bein a retard!! But i love him :]

Him and a bunch of the guys!

He thinks he's cool! haha!

Him and the platoon in Afghanistan!

Him hangin out in the tent :]

A Beautiful sunset in Afghanistan!

Where he lived when he got back n when we
first met :]

He's come a long way! Im so proud
of him and i love him soo much :]

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The begining of my life

The begining of my life has just begun. I am finally at the next step in my life and am learning everyday! I just recently married the love of my life on 10/30/09. Our baby right now is our little puppy named... Baby! My husband and I are currently living in Kentucky. My husband Nick is serving in the Army right now. We are loving being newly weds and are learning about each other everyday. We look forward to spending the rest of our lives together and sharing our lives with everyone.